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On 21st May 1959, Ken Nugent was Born in Georgia USA. Now, he is an established businessman with an estimated net worth of 8 million Dollars. It’s not really easy to reach this position for him it takes time and effort to reach this position. 

First, when he started his journey as an accident lawyer in the 1980s at that time he does not establish he is struggling a lot to get clients. But Later on when he successfully completed some of his cases for Injured people, then people love to take his services. 

Year after year he reach one of the Largest Law firms in Georgia and establish the 8th Branch of his firm in a different city to help more people.

So let’s see some of the important information about Nugent. 

Who is ken, Nugent?

Ken Nugent

Kent Nuget was Born on 21st May 1959 in Georgia America. His father is unknown, and the mother’s name is “Marguerite”, a single mother who works hard to raise Ken Nugent as an established man. 

Nugent is move from Georgia to New York and he completed his Graduation from the State University of New York in the 1980s. That’s a Three year’s degree starting in 1977 and end the 1980s. After that he decided to build his career as a lawyer, that’s why he was Admitted to Emory University School of Law to complete his degree as an Attorney.


So when he completed his Emory University School of law degree he can’t start his career without the Bar council Certificate. That’s why Ken Nugent has to join the bar council of Georgia before starting his career as a lawyer. After he passed the examination of the Bar council, then he start his journey as an accident lawyer.

He can work for a variety of Law Services, but he is not doing that, he believes that Niches make your riches. That’s why he finds his Nich and learns each and everything about that night and finally starts his Law career in a small area of Law services.  

Ken Nugent 2

So he established a successful family law firm in the 1980s with the name of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C In Georgia for the accident victims.

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The Secret to his success is he already found a small area to give his client as much support as he can, as a result, he exclusively represents the victims of Injuries. And can make satisfied his client easily and pass the case easily.

So It’s Grown every single day year after year and Now It has Eight Branches in different cities. The Headquarter of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C  in Atlanta. This business is growing successfully every single day for their professionalism.

Ken Nugent’s Family Law firm.

We already know that Quality is Identity for any kind of business. So if any business provides Quality service for their Client/Customer then they will fly to grow faster than other people.

So Ken Nugent also doing the same things for “Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.” family law firm. as a result, this is one of the largest Law firms in Georgia and he also creates some other branches in the different cities in the USA.

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Company always tries to reach as many people as possible by providing quality services, so that can’t hamper the quality.  


Ken Nugent 3

After several years of effort from their whole family member now his estimated earnings is more than 8 million dollars that’s a massive amount.

Ken Nugent Personal Life

Ken Nugent got married on the 30th and he has a beautiful life partner and she is a very helpful woman.

This couple has a mystery story of their relationship first they meet at the University and then they know each other deeply and they fill comfortable to got married. So when they got married.

The Family of Ken Nugent.

This Attorney has Two beautiful Daughters and three handsome Sons all of them are adults now. Few of them also got married and welcomed children. All of his Daughters and sons as well as his wife are helping him a lot to grow his family business.

As a result, he is successfully providing Lawyer services for the accident client for the last three decades that’s impressive.

Community Responsibility

Kent Nugent’s Whole family members are so helpful to their community and society. They love to take responsibility for the community people, They Contribute to charity.

Kent Nugent’s Daughters Katlin and Kris are also lawyers both are Married each of them has kids. That kids are also helping their community Children with child literacy books.

This Attorney Family also works for the fundraising when the community people are in a crisis of Food, Education, Hospitality, ETC. That’s Really Respectful.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ken Nugent

What happened to ken Nugent?

Nowadays Nugent wants to reach young people to increase his young client. That’s why he works with a Hip Hop Radio station called Hot 107.9 and holds a song Contest.

How old is ken Nugent?

He is a more than 60 years Old Successful attorney in Georgia.  Even though he is old enough still his mindset is young and he can easily solve his client’s problem with his 30 years of professional experience.

Where Does ken Nugent Live?

He is a Resident of Georgia and now he is living here with his family. His family hears have around 8 Family members Two Daughters who are married, Two Sons, and have Two Grand sons, and his wife. His family is really helpful that’s why he reaches this place now.

What percentage does ken Nugent Charge?

The average fee is around 33 to 40 Percent per suit in this industry, But he is a successful person and that’s why he has to handle lots of cases. Most of them are successful that’s why his price is a little bit higher than other attorneys that are around 40 to 45 Percentage.

Attorney ken Nugent legal scholarship?

He is not only working for Earning money for supporting his family but also loves to contribute his money to charity and people’s education purpose as a scholarship.

He Offers legal Scholarships to help students who actually need support and those who have passion for this sector, and that’s a Scholarship of approximately $5000 Dollars per student.
If you think about this Scholarship then you have to be a qualified student.
For that, you have to

You have to be a Lawyer Student.
You have to get above a 3.0 GPA for the application
Read the scholarship requirements
submit Online form
Write down an essay on why you are choosing this subject and why you need the fund.

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