Mike Hostilo Net Worth 2022

American attorney Mike Hostilo is well known. The injured and accident victims he served in Georgia were his clients. $800 thousand is expected to be Mike hostilo net worth in 2022.

American attorney Mike Hostilo is renowned for his legal expertise. Mike Hostilo assisted victims of injuries and accidents in Georgia. In addition to Augusta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta, and Beaufort, he also has offices in Columbus and Savannah. The net worth of Mike Hostilo in 2022 is expected to be about $800 thousand. Keep reading to know more about Mike Hostilo Net Worth.

Almost three decades have passed since Mike Hostilo started working as a layer. In addition to supporting accident victims, Mike Hostilo also plays the role of a medical lawyer in cases involving automobile just accidents, drugs, and worker’s camps. The Mike Hostilo Law Firm has lasted this long because Mike’s goal has never changed: client care always comes first. Mike has practiced law for nearly three decades. Keep scrolling to get information about Mike Hostilo Net Worth.

Mike Hostilo Net Worth & Salary

Mike hostilo net worth is just estimated to be around 800K USD, but it has not yet been confirmed. A lot of money has been earned by him as Mike Profession Attorney.

A net worth of $800 thousand is estimated for Mike Hostilo in 2022. As an attorney, he has generated a lot of wealth; he earned his net worth (Mike hostilo net worth) throughout Mike Hostilo Law Career.

Personal Life

Georgia (U.S. state) was the birthplace of Mike Hostilo in 1978. Mike Hostilo Age is 44 years old at the moment. Having a father who was disciplined and hardworking was beneficial to him. A native of Japan, his mother, is from the country. Mike Hostilo was the son of an indigenous Savannah man. He also has a Japanese mother.

Emanuel County was the birthplace of Mike’s father. While his father was in the military, he only left Savannah, Mike joined Georgia Bar, where he was raised. Born and raised in Japan, his mother is of Japanese descent. His parents only have one child, Mike.

Since his childhood, Mikel’s family has lived in Georgia. Originally from Emanuel Country, his father moved to Savannah when he was young. Then, as a mother of native Japanese, he moved to the United States during the turbulent 1960s.

The challenges Mike’s parents face are numerous. It was a challenging and racist time in America in 1960. During her marriage, she encountered a lot of problems, but she and her husband handled them peacefully.

Qualifications, School & College of Mike Hostilo

While studying law at Atlanta Law School, Mike Hostile worked several jobs while graduating from the University of Georgia. As a result of many employment experiences, Mike has seen life from many angles and has a comprehensive understanding of it. In addition to construction, security, food delivery, newspaper delivery, and many other jobs, he also worked as a contractor. As a lawyer for the people, Mike is a hardworking person, and due to his hard work, he has made a substantial net worth.

As soon as he graduated from law school in 1993, Mike relocated back to the Lowcountry to practice with former Marine George A. Zettler. Again, Mike’s parents instilled in him honesty, patience, and sound judgment, which Zettler reinforced.

In addition to serving in the state of Georgia, he helps in the surrounding areas. In addition to Augusta and Macon, he has offices in Savannah, Columbus, Atlanta, and Beaufort.

Names and information about Mike Hostilo family details

Mike hasn’t revealed the name of his father or family members yet, but it is known that his father was a Savannah native, and his mother was Japanese.

During his time in the military, Mike’s father only left the state while serving in the military in Emanuel County, Georgia. It was his father who taught Mike discipline.

After moving to the United States in the 1960s, Mike’s mother was born and raised in Japan.

She stated that in the 1960s when she and her family moved to America from her native country, she was having difficulty adjusting because there was a great deal of racism in the country at the time, which made it difficult for them to be an interracial couple.

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It was a challenge and a problem for both of them on a social level.

Growing up, Mike learned to discipline and the value of hard work, perseverance, persistence, discipline, and being open-minded to cultures and races other than his own.

Real Name: Mike Hostilo

Date of birth: 1978

Age: 44 years old

Height: N/A

Birthplace: Georgia (U.S. state)

Nationality: American

Martial Status: Married

Dating/Girlfriend: N/A

Twitter: @mikehostilo

YouTube: Mike Hostilo Law Firm

Instagram: See Profile

Facebook: See Profile

Profession: Attorney

Practice Area Personal Injury

Mike Hostilo Education- Atlanta Law School University of Georgia

Admissions Georgia

Favorite Things, Likes & Dislikes of Mike Hostilo

Favorite Actors Robert Downey Jr., James McAvoy, Will Smith

Famous Actresses Brie Larson, Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Chastain

Favorite Rappers EMINEM & Drake

Favorite Sport Golf

Hobbies Sports

I love to Play Games

An overview of Mike Hostilo’s legal career 

His father, a former marine, was a close friend of Mike’s father, and the two began working together at a law firm in 1992.

Eventually, he became a partner at that company, and Mike has been referred to as “the boxer for his clients.”

As a result of Mike’s early success, he practiced throughout Georgia, including Savannah, Atlanta, Statesboro, and Augusta.

As a manager of successful workplaces in Atlanta, Macon, Pooler, Augusta, Columbus, and Savannah, Mike has been concentrating solely on mishap prevention since 2006.

A kidnapping incident involving Mike:

Approximately 24 hours were spent holding Mike hostage at his workplace on January 16, 2006.

Robert Bower and Connie Bower holding were holding a tool ahead of his assistant when he heard noises in his office.

Bower had been his court-appointed attorney a year earlier and told him to plead guilty to the remaining four fees.

As Arbor told Mike when he got out of prison, he was going to kill Hostilo, something Mike had believed to be an empty threat.

After more than 24 hours of being bound and safeguarded, he took care to talk Mike around and arrange for Bower’s college pal to provide legal assistance if he released Mike.

With the help of FBI guards encircling them, he went outside to see his college friend, who began talking to Mike.

It wasn’t until he went away and saw his father in tears that Mike truly understood the intensity of the situation.

Here are a few things you should know about Mike Hostile 

  • Mike understood the family situation and did many part-time jobs to help him in his career and complete his studies to make ends meet.
  • During his career as a great attorney, he worked hard and was a member of a firm that his father’s friend ran, and later became a partner in the firm run by his father’s friend.
  • After this kidnapping event, he became fed up with the people’s lack of support for him and decided to get full support from them.
  • As a child, Mike grew up with a military father who taught him discipline, and then he served in the military himself.
  • The Kidnapping moment made him famous, opening offices in many cities in Georgia afterward. Agusta, Savannah, and Columbus were successful offices he built during his career.
  • As a law student, he worked part-time in various fields to pay his fees.

Social media threats are directed at Mike Hostile.

According to Hostile, a disgruntled employee posted a severe threat to the firm’s Facebook page before Monday’s parade. The man was a colleague of Costello’s ten years ago and told News 3.

The firm removed it as soon as the post was made, and police were notified.

The firm provides sponsorship of the parade. Despite being disappointed, Hostile stresses the importance of the safety of his team.

A former client of Hostilo held him, hostage, 14 years ago in his Statesboro office.

MLK Day of Service will see the firm spending Monday at the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club to honor Dr. King’s life and legacy.

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How Old Is Mike Hostilo?

Mike Hostilo Is Now 44 Years Old.

What Is The Net Worth Mike Hostilo In 2022?

Currently, Mike Hostilo Net Worth Is Estimated $800.

Is Mike Hostilo Married?

Yes, He Is Married & Happy With His Wife.

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