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Maksud Agadjani owns Traxnyc, a famous own jewelry store in New York City’s Diamond District. You can see his renowned jewelry own designs at the store. Let,s get ideas about Traxnyc net worth:)

Maksud Agadjani has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1986. Known for his unique creations, he has his jewelry boutique in New York City’s Diamond District called TraxNYC. Gold or diamonds can be used in his custom jewelry, which comes in over 14,000 variations.

Maksud Agadjani Net Worth:- $1 – $5 Million

Maksud Agadjani is best known for appearing in Adam Sandler’s crime drama Uncut Gems Yussi, where he played a jewelry expert. According to his social media profiles, he criticizes celebrity jewels on his channel GQ and displays his designs on his own YouTube channels and other social media accounts.

Keep quiet, he said. Then, as they huddled around him, he gave them his Diamond Jewelry. “Take everything off,” he said.


I don’t know what would have happened if I’d refused. Thankfully, my insurance covers such things. “Insurance isn’t for fighting with strangers on the street.”

Agadjani said he asked the robbers for permission to keep a Star of David medallion on a chain he has owned since he was seven.

They relented on the request after a short time.

Agadjani speculated that he was targeted because he had posted a photo of himself dining at Buddha Bar on Instagram.

Personal life Quick Fact

According to him, they are looking into these people’s Instagram accounts. They are interested in celebrities. So they aim to catch them off guard by showing up somewhere,” he said.

Their eyes are glued to the ground and performing pushups.”

According to investigators, since August, at least 12 armed robberies have been committed outside upscale Big Apple restaurants by a group of about 20 robbers who call themselves “OED” for “Own Every Dollar.”

Traxnyc 2

Last month, a shooting at the Phillipe Chow outdoor diner on the Upper East Side after a Rolex watch was stolen from another patron.

According to sources, an officer shot a BMW carrying three suspects early Monday, and the fatal shooting outside a nightclub in Inwood last month might also have been related to the robbery ring.

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In July, Agadjani claimed that Disick had defrauded him. In his video, the jeweler said, “this motherfucker Scott called and threatened me.”

Two bracelets were allegedly given to Disick for promotional work on her social media. Disick, however, did not keep his promise, according to Agadjani. Disick then threatened Agadjani over the phone. Scott never publicly replied to Agadjani’s accusations.

Name:Maksud Agadjani.

Maksud Agadjani Social Media

In addition to having thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Maksud Agadjani has attracted significant attention from social media websites.

Traxnyc 3

Maksud Agadjani Wiki includes information about his biography, height, weight, body measurements, age, net worth, income, salary, religion, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, relationships, splits, marriage, children, daughter, son, birth country, nationality, rumors, latest news, race details.

Facts on Maksud Agadjani

  • Maksud Agadjani makes his movie debut in Trax, a film about a famous jewelry artist who owns a jewelry store in New York, United States.
  • Although we don’t know his exact date of birth, he was born and raised in America.
  • It is assumed that he is in his mid-thirties.
  • It appears he doesn’t have a wiki bio, despite being famous and talented.
  • His Instagram account has more than 791k followers and high engagement.
  • He has not been open about his dating life, so we do not know who his girlfriend is.
  • There is no information about his other family members, including his parents.
  • By 2022, he had already earned a fortune from his career since 2003. However, we do not know his net worth.
  • Approximately one million people follow his Facebook page.
  • His YouTube channel has more than 579,900 subscribers.
  • At the time of his acceptance, he was in his mid-30s, according to reports.
  • Despite being renowned for his work, he does not have a wiki bio.
  • He has more than 791k followers on his Instagram account and a great deal of commitment to his clients.
  • Based on his own experiences, he has not revealed any information about his sweetheart since he has not revealed his dating life to the public.
  • Also, we don’t know what his family, including his parents, are like.
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Youtube earnings

It does not make much money since Trainwreckstv does not focus on building his YouTube channel. However, it generates $670 to $840 a month, and $8k to $10k a year, which is very insignificant compared to other platforms.

Earnings as a Twitch Streamer

Trainwreckstv’s most significant revenue source comes from Twitch. According to Train, he averages about 12.5k subscribers to 15k subscribers a month, and if we assume these are all the lowest-tier subscribers who pay $5 a month, he makes roughly $31.2k to $37.5k a month. So the total revenue would be between $374.4k and $450k per year.

Due to the subscriptions that pay a higher amount and the numerous donations received every stream, the actual number would be much higher. Additionally, Train’s contract with Twitch may be renegotiated so that he earns a more elevated amount per subscriber.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TraxNYC have GIA certification?

Our selection of diamonds will soon include any cut of diamonds and the option of GIA certification. In addition, the diamo their worth!

Who is the wealthiest jeweler in the world?

Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group, based in Hong Kong, has appointed Yu-tung as honorary chairman. This is the largest jewelry retailer in the world.

What is the value of the opal in Uncut Gems?

The ‘Uncut Gem’ estimated value ranges between $12 million and $15 million based on its upper estimate of $3,000 per carat.

Howard paid how much for the opal?

KG buys Howard’s opal for $165K, but instead of paying Arno, Howard sends Julia away with a big bag of cash and an insane parlay wager on the playoff game that night.

Is there a jeweler who deals with uncut gems?

Uncut Gems, a film by the Safdie brothers, ended the year on a high note, but the real stars were actors with more minor roles whose characters reflected their daily struggles. Real-life jeweler Maksud Agadjani plays Yussi, one of these characters.

Is there a real-life opal that Kevin Garnett owns?

Game 4 of the Celtics vs. Wizards saw Garnett struggle nine points after giving the opal back to Howard. Thus, he made it his mission to get it back, eventually buying it from Ratner for $175,000. Garnett’s signature game turned out to be this game in reality.

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