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Val Demings is an American politician and former police chief. As of September 2018, Val Demings net worth is reported to be $1 million. She’s most famous for being the first African-American woman to serve as Chief of Police in the City of Orlando, as well as the first African-American woman to lead a major city police department in Florida.

Demings grew up with five siblings in New York and graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology. After completing her education, she began working in law enforcement. Her first job was at the U.S. Customs Service as a customs inspector at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Later on, she transferred to become a special agent with the U.S Domestic Security Division at the same airport – this time focusing on drug trafficking operations by organized crime groups like La Cosa Nostra and Jamaat al-Fuqra (a religious group popularly known as “The Islamic Cult that Preaches Love”).

Val Demings

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The full name of Demings is Valdez Venita Demings. She was born on March 12, 1957, in a destitute family of 7 children. She is the daughter of James Butler and Elouise Lora Butler. Her father works as a janitor. Her mother plays the role of a maid. This family resides in Mandarin, a Jacksonville, Florida neighborhood.

She is not only an American but also belongs to the African-American ethnicity. She was admitted to Segregated Schools and graduated from Wolfson High School in the 1979s. After school education, she would like to make a career in law enforcement.

In 1979, she achieved a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Florida State University in Orlando with a master’s degree in public administration in 1996.

Education and early life 

You know, Val Demings Net worth was born on March 12, 1957. She is the seven children of a poor family. They Lived in Mandarin, Florida. She attended segregated schools in the 1960s. In the 1970s, graduated from Wolfson High School. 

Later on, Demings became interested in a career in law enforcement after serving at Dupont Junior High School. From Webster University Orlando, she achieved a master’s degree in public administration.

Val Demings Net Worth

As of 2022, Demings has an estimated net worth of 5 million dollars. These include her money, income, and assert. Primarily she earns as a Law Enforcement Officer and Politician. Demings was able to accumulate a good fortune through her various sources of income. Despite having a lot of property, she leads a modest lifestyle.

To sum up, we can say that Val Demings is a successful and distinguished Democratic party member and politician in the USA no doubt. She is the first female one who leads the Orlando Police Department with her intelligence. 

The relationship of Val Demings

Val Demings and her husband

Val Deming’s husband’s name is Jerry Demings. He is the mayor of Orange Court, Florida. Besides, he is a former Orange County Sheriff. You know he is the first African American who served as the chief of the Orlando Police Department from 1999 to 2002. Actually, both of them met each other on patrol in the OPD and later on got married around 1988. They belong to three grown-up children and five grandchildren.

Val Demings Career

We know, that after she graduated from college, she worked as a state social worker in Jacksonville for one year and 8 months. Later on, she joined the Orlando Police Department in 1983. Then she performs the initial duty on patrol on the city’s west side. Afterward, she became the chief of the Orlando Police Department. She is the first female one who holds this position. 

Representatives’ house

Demings got a democratic nomination for the United States House of Representatives in Florida’s 10th congressional district. She competed against freshman Republican Daniel Webster. She lost by a razor-thin margin with 48 percent of the vote, in 2018. Demings was re-elected to a second term with no opposition.

She was on the shortlist to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential candidate in the 2020 presidential election. Some detractors have criticized her work as the chief of police in Orlando. Soon after, Kamala Harris became Biden’s running partner. In November she was declared a candidate for US Secretary of Homeland Security in Biden’s administration. 

Net Worth

Val Demings’ earnings are about $5 million. She earns it as a law enforcement and politician.

Actually, her investment reached her. Her monthly income has not been published yet. On the other hand, her spouse has earned a lot of fortune.

Her Social Media influence

You know, she possesses about 25.6+ k followers on her Instagram account. She has 229k followers on her Twitter account. 48k people follow her on Facebook. She has earned a lot of followers and occupied Immense name and fame. At the same time deserves respect though coming from a backward family.

Val Demings’s election

You know Deminunwinnable nominee for the United States House of Representatives in the 2012 election. In 2010, she tackled freshman Republican Daniel Webster in a district. It made her slightly more Republican than her predecessor. Demings lost the election against Webster. In 2014, democrats tried to recruit Demimgs to run against again. Later on, she took the decision to run for mayor of Orange County, Florida against Teresa Jacobs. It is a matter of sorrow that she dropped out of the mayoral race in 2014.

Afterward, she announced her candidacy for the 10th district seat after a court-ordered redistricting. In the 2016 election, it made the 10th significantly more Democratic ahead of. Webster concluded the new 10th was unwinnable. He ran in an election in the nearby 11th district.

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In August Demings won the Democratic nomination. And she also won the general election in November with 65% of the vote. You know, she was the third Democrat who won this Orlando-based district election. Dennings was unopposed for a second term in the 2018 reelection campaigns. 

Demings confirmed she was on ‘the shortlist ‘ to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential nominee for the 2020 presidential elections. She would like to accept the role as soon as she is offered. As she was in charge as Orlando Police chief, some critics attacked her several times. On August 11, 2020, Kamala Harris was announced as Biden’s running mate. In Biden’s administration, Drmings was named as a candidate for United States Secretary of Homeland Security.


Who is Val Demings?

She is an American law enforcement officer and politician. She also serves as the United States Representative from Florida’s 10th congressional district.

What is the height of Val Demings?

The height of Val Demings is 5 feet 8 inches.

Where does Demings live?

She lives in Orlando, FL, USA.

How much worth does Demings have?

She is the owner of $5 million.

How old is Val Demings?

She will be 65 years old in 2022.

Where is Val Demings’ birthplace?

Birthplace of Val Demings is Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

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