VicBlends net worth 2022, Age, Biography, Wiki & More.

The journey of 23-year-old Victor Antonio to become a social media star began long ago. In 2012, he opened his YouTube channel for the first time. Then slowly his videos started making an impact on YouTube, and Instagram.

His videos constantly touch the minds of YouTube and Tiktok followers. So far, VicBlends Net Worth is about 5 million dollars. The journey of his YouTube channel based on the country of the United States began. At this age, he has become viral and a skilled social media person with the help of various videos. VicBlends Net Worth is more than 881. 41 thousand in a single year. Moreover, VicBlend earns about 23 9.23 thousand per month.

At this point in today’s article, let’s take a look at VicBlends Net Worth & more details in a chart.

VicBlends Net Worth & Every Detail also some quick facts about him

Full Name / Real Name: Victor Antonio / Victor Fontanez.
Date Of Birth: 9 April 1999.
Net Worth:VicBlend’s estimated net worth is all about $5 million.
Profession:TikTok Star, Youtuber, and social media Personality.
Age: 23 (as of 2022).
Zodiac sign:Aries.
Youtube Channel, Instagram & Tiktok Id Name:VicBlends/ @vicblends/ Vicblends.
Birthplace:The United States.
Family Life:VicBlend has three siblings. VicBlend’s dad fulfilled in the army.
Relationship Status:Single.

VicBlend / Victor Fontanez-

VicBlend is a 21-year-old barber from the Fayetteville area of ​​North Carolina, as well as an entrepreneur. She started cutting hair in her mother’s garage for the first time. 

Since then, one of the world’s most famous celebrity barbers has gradually become a Mughal businessman. Naturally, he had a great love for handicrafts. 


Since then he has established himself as one of the most famous barber traders of the new generation. In 2012, he opened his YouTube channel for the first time. Then slowly his videos started making an impact on YouTube, and Instagram. 

His videos constantly touch the minds of his YouTube and Tiktok followers. VicBlend’s Instagram account currently has about 1.7m Followers. 

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He followed only 123 people. He currently has about 1678 posts on his Instagram account. Vic Blends Youtube channel has about 1, 260, 000 subscribers. 

Which is constantly increasing more and more. Each of his videos is getting millions of views. So remote, VicBlends Net Worth is approximately 5 million dollars. The excursion of his YouTube artery established in the nation of the United States started up. 

Thousands of people follow all the time on different social platforms. VicBlends has almost 12. 5 M Followers on his tik tok profile. He follows only 15 people on tik tok. And also he has almost 162 M Likes on his tik tok profile. 

VicBlends YouTube Details-

  • YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS – 1, 290, 000.
  • YOUTUBE VIDEO VIEWS – 272, 241, 115.
  • COUNTRY – United States (US).
  • YOUTUBE Video CATEGORY – People & Blogs.
  • YOUTUBER SINCE – 2012.

VicBlends Youtube videos statistics

  • VIDEO VIEWS (1, 283, 163) – LAST 7 DAYS.
  • VIDEO VIEWS (14, 936, 369) – LAST 30 DAYS.
  • VIDEO VIEWS (69, 701, 286) – LAST 90 DAYS.

VicBlends some Youtube videos list & estimated VicBlends Net Worth- 

VideoPublishedVideo viewsCommentsEstimated earnings
You won’t believe what he said during this free haircut in public 😳🤯💈06 Dec 2021312, 890241$ 117 – $ 704
Cutting a stranger BALD in public?! 😳 WTF 🔥 VicBlends 💈19 Oct 2021193, 609177$ 72 – $ 435
Giving a Stranger a FREE Haircut in Public 💈 (EMOTIONAL) 💔 VicBlends #shorts8 Aug 2021938, 996671$352 -$ 2.11K
I Gave a Stranger a Free Haircut in Public 😳💈🔥 VicBlends #shorts3 May 2021274, 774291$103 – $618
HOW I BECAME NLE CHOPPAS BARBER 💈 TIK TOK VIC BLENDS 🔥 #shorts24 Mar 20213,937,4612,508$1.48 K – $8.86K
NOTE: All of the above information is not fixed.

Net Worth & Earnings

TikTok Platform Sponsorship – Many brands are constantly sponsoring VicBlends to promote their products and services. In this way, tik tok is able to earn a lot of dollars. VicBlends Net Worth through Sponsorship is approximately $ 3, 330 to $ 4, 990.

VicBlends 2

Instagram Platform Sponsorship Many brands are constantly sponsoring VicBlends on Instagram to promote their products and services. In this way, he is able to earn a lot of dollars from Instagram. VicBlends Net Worth from Instagram through sponsorship is approximately $ 2,3 33. 25 to $ 3, 888. 75.

YouTube Platform– Like TikTok & Instagram platforms, many people are constantly following VicBlends on Youtube. And watching a lot of videos as well. From there he is constantly able to earn a lot of income. VicBlends Net Worth from YouTube is approximately $ 15, 700 to $ 250, 500.

VicBlend / Victor Fontanez’s Family & Personal Life-

VicBlend has three siblings. VicBlends dad fulfilled in the army or military. VicBlend is a barber who has gained the most fame for his many short haircut videos on his VicBlends TikTok account.

These short video clips, POVs, and various other Q & A have helped her become more famous to further his hair cutting business. In addition, it has helped him to collect more than 12 million followers on many platforms.

Even before his huge fame, he started cutting hair for the first time in his mother’s garage as a side job during his high school years. He then gradually expressed interest in choosing this profession as his work.

He has kept his personal life a secret so much so that no such special information has been known about his relationship status. However, the girls can be seen in his various videos, it is not known whether any of them is his girlfriend. But hopefully, Victor Fontanez will tell his followers when he finds his real-life partner.

Associated With-

He has styled

  • Lil Baby.
  • Polo G.
  • Mozzy.
  • 2 k Baby.
  • Nelly.
  • D’Angelo Russell.
  • Cam Reddish’s hair.

VicBlends also has so many features with the works on his Instagram account. He also works with so many popular models & many more. I hope that after reading today’s article, you have come to know about VicBlends Net Worth with so much detailed information. 

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